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Forum Resilience
12th + 13th of May 2023

Oder: Just ask startups!
Paradigm Shift - Managing Impacts.

Forum with get-together and exhibition

Get to know each other one week before via Zoom
Save the date: 12th + 13th of May 2023
Ort: Berlin
Languages: German, English

Actually many proven contexts are being questioned - many circunstances will no longer be as we are used to. We are facing multi-layered challenges on a global and national level. Companies and individuals will have to adapt to considerable changes.

Request for participation

Climate change, health & care, food supply, water, war & peace, infrastructure, tourism, housing, construction-renovation-conversion, forestry & forest, aquaculture & oceans, (multiple of) flora & fauna, digitalization, demography, mobility, energies, international understanding, migration, refugees, innovations and their acceptance, application & implementation, bureaucracy & government, environment, plastics, recycling & sustainability, food waste, animal husbandry, Additive Manufacturing, agriculture, materials & raw materials, supply chains, transportation, security (cyber, physical)....

Concrete (sic!) solutions & technologies presented:
Company presentation, company challenge and proposed solution, support sought.
Family businesses, corporates, startups, research institutions & universities, foundations, initiatives can present themselves and their solutions.

No general presentations (one should..., one could...., therefore also renouncement of statements from "politics").
Goal: To showcast and publicize solutions, bring together supporters, investors, users & customers. Deliberately broad spectrum for inspiration.

Target groups looking for sustainable solutions:
"affected people", governmental and similar institutions, private individuals & bizangels, associations & initiatives;
Companies looking for solutions; Service providers, banks. Uniform participant fee. Approx. Euro 300 per person through support from....

25 years of forums (generally startups, environment, water...) in the DACH region and internationally - esp. USA - (more than 140 with > 22,000 participants), huge database, > 21,000 Linkedin contacts.
Procedure: Forum to be set up in January 2023

Ulf Leonhard, Leonhard Ventures e.K., Hans-Thoma-Str. 13, 14467 Potsdam

Enquiry to present

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Ideas, Technologies, Solutions

Further information

After approval we publish your idea in this site.

This service is free of charge. Further information on our forum (prob.spring 2023) will follow.

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